Benefits of Mobile

You need to connect with industry peers, suppliers, and vendors but you are always on the go; many times far beyond the reach of the Internet. Right?

Not any longer. The goal of BioEnergy Pro is to bring all of the players in the bioenergy market to the table as seamlessly as possible. At Verdanté, we envision a marketplace for bioenergy that is level and simple to navigate. That is why our developers are prepared to meet your special needs with flexible solutions.

Whether you are a biomass producer who needs buyers, a project developer who needs equipment and construction, or a professional service provider searching for quotes for due diligence, BioEnergy Pro is designed to assist you anytime, anywhere, for everyone.

Users download the mobile application at no cost so that the utility of the application is maximized. Companies who care about connecting with their customers wherever their customer may be will want to find new and innovative ways to stay connected. When your company wants greater visibility in the expanding mobile market, you will want to call us.

Mobile Advantage Value Added
Touch Based

Always On Context

Interactive Contact

Immediate Contact

Global Reach

Function to enable your workforce

Social Media LevelsPartnering

Content Delivery



Social Media Blast – When you sign up and also upon periodical content updates, our clients receive mention on all BioEnergy Pro and Verdante BioEnergy social media outlets such as:

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter YouTube

Monthly Analytics – Get monthly statistics from all the people actively interested in your business on BioEnergy Pro mobile app.  You will see number of profile and website views, calls and emails made from the app to you, and coarse location data.

Interactive Content – The app is completely touch based and in the palm of your customer’s hand! This allows users to email, call, and view any content you want them to see directly.  Do you want to showcase your product to customers? Or have something you want your customers to see? You control what content is available on the app for the users to see!  This can be modified to suit your campaign strategies.

On the go! –  Almost everyone has a mobile device of some kind or they are interested in getting one. Users actively use our app in the field to access our tools and view the content you put into place to help them make better decisions about bioenergy project development. You don’t have to drive them to your site, they just go there because you have put the right information in front of them when and where they need it most.

Networking & Global Reach – With our app, networking has never been easier! The app is like a virtual consultant in your potential customers’ pockets. You now have the potential to reach customers globally tailored within the bioenergy industry.